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The deep extravagant pile of Berckley gives new meaning to luxury Saxony style - Craftsmanship in a fine semiworsted spun yarn with a subtle texture. The Nouwens carpet masters have styled Berckley not only for its initial appeal, but also for lasting good looks. The Polyester used in Berckley is a specialised fibre, highly suitable for Saxonies because of the superb tip-definition and soft natural handle it achieves. A small collection of flagship ranges are endorsed by the Nouwens craftsmen as carpets of exceptional style and quality known as Platinum Edition ranges. Berckley is such a range - extravagant luxury and style for your enjoyment.

Wool is simply the best all round carpet fibre. In Kirman, they've tailored it to meet the aesthetic needs of our times - a turn to nature and an appreciation for the values of quality and craftsmanship as well as a concern for the environment. Wool makes a definite quality statement. In the home it imparts that cosy natural feel only wool can bring. Because of its’ superb appearance retention and ease of maintenance, wool ensures that your carpet’s looks will last for years. Kirman comes in a range of four colours and is available in three designs.

In current "multi-roll" style, Nouwens tailored Madison Square in new pure wool and because wool really is forgiving and easy to clean, the pleasure is that your carpet's looks will last for years.

"So much more than just a carpet." This contemporary interpretation in pure wool simply has it all - a modern natural look in the most desirable quality carpet fibre available, even today. The superfine Nouwens six ply yarn, durable weave and ActionBac finish qualify Copenhagen for a Heavy Commercial SABS use class. Copenhagen feels great underfoot when installed on a quality underlay, but is equally suitable whether fitted on underfelt or applied direct to screed. Copenhagen also comes with all the possible peace of mind endorsements - the SABS mark of quality, Nouwens Wool Collection, Platinum Edition and a five year Quality Guarantee.

Lincoln’s definitive quality is born from the superfine six ply yarn, ensuring maximum performance of the final chunky wool loops. 100% Pure New Wool, Lincoln carries the inviting appeal of comfort, elegance and quality and is suitable for home as well as executive commercial use. Lincoln’s unique styling ensures its place as a major décor feature, albeit one of quiet understatement.

Rustic Look with a modern structure – sophisticated, unique, versatile in its timeless natural and neutral shades. The famous Nouwens wool-blend spun into a chunky natural look yarn is what makes Rustic Look so appealing - so uncompromising - like nature itself. The texture in Rustic Look gives a new dimension to the chunky berber concept - a new focus on the more orderly side of nature - the rows of corn on a cob, the meticulous repetition in a honeycomb.

Berber Look - a classic fine loop pile, wool look, with a touch of texture - suitable for heavy domestic use. The combination of fibre choice, crafted style, proven performance and the latest technology make Berber Look a logical choice. A carpet for all areas in the home and a timeless base to design your interior and your future around. The natural spun look of this wool blend range has a unique attraction about it - not surprising as our generation seeks a comfort only nature can bring.

Twistyle gives new meaning to classic frieze style, a carpet that has been popular for decades because it is so compatible with ever changing fashion trends. The pile height, density and the semi-worsted construction of Twistyle is a delicate balance of craftsmanship in superior branded polyester fibre.

Rustique, from the Nouwens House of Berbers, is a 100% woollen spun yarn with slubbed colour effects in the true Berber tradition. Rustique is one of those classics that have been with us since the 80's. This popular support is indeed a public endorsement of quality

The textured and extravagant pile of Chenille gives new meaning to traditional Saxony style. Pile height, density and the semi worsted construction of Chenille is a delicate balance of craftsmanship. This is critical not only to the initial appearance, but also to the lasting good looks of a saxony. The polyester used in Chenille is a specialised fibre, highly suitable for Saxonies, because of the superb tip - definition it achieves. Chenille is what is often called a "stepless saxony", with a textured pile to lose those shaded footstep marks so evident in plain saxonies and velours.

Easicarpet introduces a totally new culture in synthetic fibre carpets. It’s about quality, a distinctive look, comfort and peace-of-mind. It's possible to remove stains on easifibre with a diluted bleach solution making it stainproof, and easicarpet comes with mill applied and heatcured easicare soil resistant treatment for easier day-to-day carpet care.

Although easicarpet is marketed as an independent brand, the easicarpet, easifibre andeasicare brands are all owned and supported by Nouwens Carpets. This mill needs no introduction in the South African Carpet Market as a professional, quality house. easicarpet is the registered brand name for a range of synthetic tufted carpets, offering a more affordable option in the best possible quality - a worthy alternative in this specific market sector.

easifibre is a synthetic carpet fibre extruded by Nouwens from a Sasol Polymer. These fibres are solution dyed, meaning that the colour pigment is trapped inside the fibre, resulting in excellent colour fastness. For this same reason it is possible to remove stains on easifibre with a diluted bleach solution, making it stainproof.

easicare is a mill applied, heat cured, soil resistant treatment. easicare forms an invisible, durable shield around each fibre providing resistance to soiling and every day spills.

The Nouwens Contracta success story goes back as far as February 1992 and the secret of its success lies in the original wrap-spun Antron 6.6 nylon base, which makes the carpet both affordable and unbelievably hardwearing. This, together with Contracta’s stylish plush appearance, has made it an all-round favourite. The only change over the years has been the way in which the colour affects have moved with the times.

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